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Australian Aborigine stone circle

19 December 2014

Okay, the political correct are comparing a circle of waist high stones with Stonehenge but this is Auntie – what do you expect. At www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-15098959 … the stone ring is also egg shaped, like many stone circles catalogued by Alexander Thom. It seems that Australian Aborigines were not as 'primitive' as the 'elite' formerly allowed (and read here the current Auntie view of the plebs). There was a story some years ago about Aborigine eel ponds constructed and designed to breed and semi domesticate them for later ritual use. Now we have them constructing a stone circle of 100 boulders in a 50m diameter layout at Wurdi Youang in Victoria, in order, it is theorised, to make an alignment with the winter and summer solstices. Just as this was probably not the primary function at Stonehenge and so it was probably not at Wursi Youang – but that is what the 'enlightened' commentators are claiming.

At http://phys.org/news/2014-04-aboriginal-people-science.html … Australian historian Bill Gammage and others have shown that the landscape was carefully managed by Aboriginal tribes down through the thousands of years in order to maximise nature-s bounty. This resulted, he says, in some very fertile soils (as a result of managed landscape fires) that have been a godsend to European farmer colonials.

In addition, it is alleged some Aborigine groups had a sophisticated number or counting system (and why not) and were able to navigate by the stars (as many other so called primitive tribes peoples around the world). They also possessed a rich oral library of myth and tradition, and an oral map of routes and tracks. They also seemed to be aware of eclipses and the difference between planets and stars – as the former move and the others are virtually stationary. The author of the piece forgets to mention comets – which move even faster than planets and would be an even more obvious feature of the night sky (but we can't have everything).

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