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Vikings in the Arctic

23 December 2014
Climate change

At www.eurekalert.org/pub_releases/2014-12/uv-eov121514.php … the discovery of Viking activity in northern Canada is not exactly something new. However, the latest finds have hit the archaeological headlines as it involves metallurgy – fragments of bronze and small spherules of glass that form when rock is heated to a high temperature. Basically, they have discovered a crucible for melting bronze in order to convert it into something different – tools or ornaments. It is long known the Vikings were in northern Canada to obtain furs and walrus ivory and other items of trade and bartering. One of the items they used in return appears to be metal tools and the like.

The same story is at www.sci-news.com/archaeology/science-viking-presence-arctic-canada-02349… … placing the find in Baffin Island, adjacent to Greenland. However, what is interesting is that the Hockey Stick climate model contradicted the idea some parts of the Arctic were free of summer sea ice around 100AD – and yet we have Vikings sailing around the very same area, in what were very small boats in comparison with modern ships. According to the hockey stick graph the medieval warm period did not exist. Facts, of course, contradicted this, and eventually the alarmism was changed to the medieval warm period only affected the North Atlantic – but not the rest of the world. As more and more facts emerged to counter this very little changed from the CAGW hype – and the true believers kept on believing. Even with evidence of Vikings swanning around in the Arctic the hype will persist – as that is what they want to believe. At http://notrickszone.com/2014/12/21/caught-red-handed-german-scientists-e… … which is a report that begins with an 1887 reference dug up by Steven Goddard that refrs to Viking journeys when they hardly encountered any sea ice. To that is added the fact that in the 1930s to 1940s there was another strong phase of melting that has been purposely ignored by a the IPCC and a cuckold of climate scientists even though there was an article in the Journal of Climate as recently as 2004 on the subject. It put it down to a 60 year cycle that involved oceanic dispersal of warm Pacific tropical water – but nobody wanted to make the link. It was deemed fair not foul to propagandise melting sea ice in recent years as a sign of impending doom – and empty your wallets, peasants. IPCC scientists studiously ignore 1930s warming – and minimalise the medieval warm period. However, two German scientists have lampooned a recent article from some people at Geomar (of Kiel) who claimed no warming had occurred over the last 650 years (until the recent warming) using algae as the burden of proof. The CAGW PR was enough for our wonderful media – and they reacted as always, in gushing terms.

Mind you, ocean acidification is another bit of hoodwinkery – go to http://wattsupwiththat.wordpress.com/2014/12/23/touchy-feely-science-one… a-phraud-in-omitting-ocean-acidification-data-in-congressional-testimony/ … and the title says it all. On top of that we have a lovely graph at http://wattsupwiththat.wordpress.com/2014/12/18/new-study-two-thousand-y… … now which newspaper did you read that in – or was in on Auntie BBC? We are being duped – thank goodness for old fashioned scepticism of our betters finest words.

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