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Uganda Rock Art

12 January 2015


At http://archaeologynewsnetwork.blogspot.co.uk/2015/01/unmasking-ugandas-r… … rock art in Uganda, dating, it is thought, between 3000BC and 400AD (or thereabouts) appear to be the product of herding cultures rather than strictly mobile groups such as Bushmen – although a distinct link with Bushmen groups is apparent. Hence, the artists had adapted to a new way of life – and I suppose it depends on when such people adopted herding practise – and why. The study comes with a new book, 'Uganda Rock Art Sites: A Vanishing Heritage of Lake Victoria Region' and is published by the National Museum of Uganda. What is interesting, from a catastrophist point of view, is the images that appear to show transient sky phenomena (although they can also be viewed as abstract with a meaning that is obscure). Also, the book's authors also talk of climate change in the region, both wet and dry episodes over the last 16,000 years (from the end of the Late Glacial Maximum). The Lake Victoria region is rich in rock art sites from the Late Stone Age to the Early Iron Age (African dates).

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