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Willie Soon

27 January 2015
Climate change

Willie Soon and Sally Baluinas upset the Green Blob some years ago by writing a peer reviewed article in a climate journal that claimed the Sun controlled the Earth's climate rather than a trace gas, co2. It might seem obvious to most people that the Sun is the controller of the climate on Earth – but not it seems to those of the CAGW faith. You may also wonder why an astrophysicist's views are dismissed but social scientists and people with a degree in English Literature, for example, are lauded as all-knowing of how the climate works – but that is the state of play. Sally Baluinas was also demonised because she had actually bothered to look into the ozone hole scare and found it wanting – yet the creators of the ozone hole baloney went on to win a Nobel Prize, and she was forced to keep her gob shut or lose her job. 

CAGW has been funded for years by the likes of Shell and Exxon but Soon is demonised because he was part funded for one of his researches by one of the oil companies. The result of this is that he is not now able to receive funds (as NGOs and the other rich kids made sure) and has to do it out of his own pocket or from gifts from sympathetic individuals. The really strange thing is that some CAGW scientists are funded by investors with a finger in the pie of renewables – yet this is not regarded as influencing their research. On the one occasion Soon was financed it led to him being regarded as virtually evil – as you will find by putting his name into a search engine. Actually, the financial source was pretty standard as it goes and nothing sinister in the least. Far worse, it seems that carbon credits is one of the keys to understanding why the media promotes CAGW so enthusiastically. Carbon credits and the payload generated is what drives the CAGW hype at the moment – traders selling air (co2) on the Stock Exchange and earning mountains of money. Various hedge funds with investments in renewables and carbon credits are funding the NGOs and now we learn that the Russian fossil fuel industry is funding anti-fracking groups in the US and Europe – or this is the story going the rounds at the moment. Whatever side you are on it might be worth listening to what the much maligned Willie Soon had to say about global warming – go to http://vimeo.com/63785021 … or a short clip at www.accuweather.com/en/weather-video/video-willie-soon-co2-not-responsib…

The fact that it is big money that is keeping CAGW alive when the scam is almost dead amongst the general public explains that other oddity – why politicos are prepared to turn a blind eye to the fact that renewable subsidies rob the poor to fill the pockets of the rich, a situation that in any other field would lead to hysterical cries of filthy capitalists. It really is an awful situation and depressing to boot and one can understand why most people let it pass through one ear and out of the other. For example, if the EU had not wasted billions of pounds on this subject they would have had the funds to set the finances of Greece straight – yet alone make the NHS a viable institution. We live in interesting times, as they say.

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