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a comet with rings

27 April 2015

At www.space.com/29067-chiron-centaur-asteroid-comet-rings.html … astronomers have spotted rings around the huge space rock Chiron. For the possible significance of this asteroid see Clube and Napier – and lets not forget the Lord of the Rings (pun intended) as in early issues of SIS journals and in their two books, the Cosmic Serpent and Cosmic Winter (both are out of print and only available second hand but their SIS articles are freely available).

Chiron has previously displayed jetting – something normally associated with comets. Hence, is it an asteroid – or a comet (or even a centaur). The term centaur was applied as Chiron displayed features of both an asteroid and a comet. Since the 1970s another 200 centaurs have been catalogued by astronomers – and there are possibly as many as 44,000 within our solar system. Another large centaur has a set of two rings in attendance – so it is not unusual. The suggestion is that Chiron has satellites, in order to create the rings (or material moving around Chiron). This is not surprising as a couple of near earth asteroids, in the last few years, also appear to have sported satellites in resonant orbit with the asteroids in question rather than the solar system itself.

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