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Grand Unified Theory

13 May 2015

At www.blacklightpower.com/theory-2/book/ … there is an abstract of a book written by Dr Randell Mills who favours what he calls the Grand Unified Theory of Classical Physics – which unifies Maxwell's Equations, Newton's Laws, and Einstein's General and Special Relativity. The central plank in this idea is that physical laws hold over all scales, from the scale of subatomic particles to that of the cosmos.

Quantum Mechanics is mysterious to all who encounter it he says, and compares Schrodinger with Maxwell. Applying Maxwell's Equations to electromagnetic and gravitational fields at particle production modifies General Relativity to include conservation of spacetime and gives the origin of gravity, the measure of fundamental particles, the accelaration of the universe – and overturns the Big Bang model for the origin of the universe. Those so desirous may peruse a few reviews of the book published underneath, all positive as they wish to sell the book -and understandable.

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