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Toronto Conference

4 July 2015

A Toronto conference is in the offing for next year – May 16th-19th, 2016. It has the title, Celestial Crisis and the Human Record and one of the main speakers will be Irving Wolfe (well known to SIS members). He is in the process of getting a book published which will be one aspect of his talk. At www.planetamnesia.com/conference/ … we are told SIS members Andrew Fitt and Frank Wallace will be organising the event and the main thrust is evidence of catastrophism encoded in narrative arts (which is Irving Wolfe's speciality). It will also explore Velikovsky's theory of cultural amnesia.

The conference will also feature Gunnar Heinsohn, on a roll at the moment with his AD chronology revision. Naturally, he claims laboratory dating methods are flawed – but does he have the evidence? A full list of speakers will be available as we approach the conference.

It seems the 2015 EU conference went well – and there is a video to watch. Go to www.thunderbolts.info/wp/2015/05/25/safire-the-documentary-trailer/

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