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El Nino fuzzy

5 September 2015
Climate change

At www.bishop-hill.net/blog/2015/9/5/temperature-questions.html … the El Nino brewing in the Pacific is causing a lot of agitation amongst the CAGW faithful. Why an entirely natural cycle should get them in a lather is anyone's guess – but they are desperate for a sign from heaven that warming is actually taking place and is not a fiction generated on the public by hedge fund managers and their allies in the NGOs. It needs to break just before the Paris bean feast (climate change conference). As it is a naturally recurring event one can only reason they are hoping to pull the wool over the eyes of Joe Public. A similar El Nino in 1998, just before the magic Green millennium event, the year 2000, was a major cause of global warming going viral, and fear of the apocalypse was rife. Will it work on a second occasion? 2015 is not as exciting as the year 2000- it doesn't have the kuedos associated with the millennium – but one can hear the slither of the slush in the background. Well oiled.

The comments are mostly excellent.

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