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a woolly tale

23 September 2015

At http://siberiantimes.com/home/born-in-siberia/sasha-the-worlds-only-baby… … a baby woolly rhinoceros, 34,000 years old, has been dated to a specific period that witnessed an unknown catastrophic event, possibly two events between 40 and 30,000 years old (and directly succeeded by the Late Glacial Maximum). At this same date C14 methodology hits a brick wall – and cannot be used later than 40,000 years ago.

The original estimate was that the woolly rhinoceros died at the end of the Pleistocene – when these animals appear to have become extinct. The DNA has survived and this will be used to ascertain its genetic connection to modern rhinoceros. The animal is thought to have died from drowning – but tests are planned to see if this is true.

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