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divine purification

27 September 2015

Divine purification as a result of chastisement is one way to look at meteoric bombardment of the earth in the past – and catastrophic upheaval of Bronze Age civilisations. At www.spiritdaily.net/past_asteroids.htm … we have this point of view expressed in response to the second SIS Cambridge Conference. We hear of the Clube and Napier hypothesis, Marie Agnes Courty, Harvey Weiss, Benny Peiser, Lars Franzen and Thomas Larsson, all speakers and presenters at the conference, and taking a bit from this one and then that one. It is interesting to see how it went down at the time and how people found a way to integrate the idea of catastrophism into their own belief system. Naturally, an association was made with Sodom and Gomorrah. Notice also that the Bible says they were located in a well watered plain. This description seems to fit the Kikkar Plain – but does it fit into a more southern location. It is possible it was a wetter region south of the Dead Sea in the Bronze Ages as there must have been plenty of trees in order to sustain the copper smelting industry. However, Tall el-Hammam was a major city on a major crossroads of two important trade routes. Only former villages have been found south of the Dead Sea.

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