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fire planet

27 September 2015

At www.catastrophist.org/home/fire-planet/ … Han Kloosterman has an interesting correspondence with Derek Age. Kloosterman begins by quoting Ager's book, The Nature of the Stratigraphical Record, Harford Press:1973 where he reports on chalk depressions in the southern counties of England, such as the Devil's Punchbowl near Brighton. Chalk run off from the process of making the depressions is rich in snails, and there is evidence of a charcoal layer. Kloosterman's point is that Ager preferred a uniformitarian explanation in preference to a catastrophic one. In the latter scenario a short episode of high temperature and universal conflagration would conform to the evidence cited by Ager in his book. However, the former prefers the occasional natural wildfire rather than anything with a cosmic dimension, and the geology was not instant. Indeed, he says the prevalence of snails at the site infers that the layer took a very long time to lay down. Kloosterman counters by saying that infestation by snails can easily follow a very wet phase involving a lot of rain – such as a torrential rain in the aftermath of an event.

At the end Alfred de Grazia chips in by telling Ager about a charcoal layer in Egypt stretching 200km on both sides of the Nile, located at the top of the Sabata silt . Carbonaceous silt from this layer (old C14 dates are quoted) appear to date to the Older Dryas event or with the Alleroed boundary event (at the beginning of the Younger Dryas)

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