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2 October 2015
Climate change

At http://blogs.theprovince.com/2015/09/29/michelle-stirling-paris-is-about… … some 50,000 people, supposedly intent on saving the planet will be flying into Paris, or coming by train or road, all using fossil fuels but mouthing to the rest of us that we should be curtailing our emissions, in December. We have always thought in terms of it being a massive guilt trip, and these people really are concerned about the environment. However, has it gone beyond the world of delusion. The bean feast is designed to curb emissions of fossil fuels, is the advertising blurb – but what is it all about really?

Most people will ignore it and carry on as always – but these people have the power to impact on everyone's wellbeing. You only have to look at the closure of the Redcar steel plant to understand how these people affect the lives of the less powerful in society. According to Michelle Stirling the real push behind the Paris climate bash has nothing to do with the environment. It is all about propping up the financial markets of the western world – and those investors that have put a lot of their eggs in the renewables basket. As with the financial crash of a few years ago – it is the little guy who has to pick up the tab for the folly of the rich and the way they splash around their wealth.


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