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NCTG journal September

10 October 2015

The NCGT journal, September 2015, has some interesting articles – go to www.ncgt.org/newsletter.php … on earthquakes and a connection with solar storms. We have solar polar field magnetism prior to earthquakes, geomagnetic variations prior to earthquakes, outgoing longwave radiation prior to earthquakes, space weather prior to earthquakes, as well as anomalies in jet stream behaviour prior to earthquakes.

Another cutting article is by Gennady Kochemasov, 'Discovery of a new planetological phenomenon' which is about tectonic coupling of planets and their satellites. There is even an article on Dow Jones industrial average peaks – seasonality and bear markets, and two articles on the 'tectonosphere' (which I will have to delve into before commenting).

The editorial makes the point that over the last 50 years the Plate Tectonics establishments have suppressed unorthodox ideas even though some are supported by a large amount of hard evidence. Political and financial considerations have come first. He then makes the point that they cannot reverse the changin tidal flow and the time will come when common sense prevails. Part of the tidal change is the number of people visiting the NCGT web site – over 141,000 in July alone, one hit every 18 seconds.

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