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14 October 2015
Climate change

An interesting speaker at the GWPF – Patrick Moore. This is not the eccentric BBC in-house astronomer (who recently died) but Patrick Moore, formerly of Greenpeace. He was a leading light in that organisation from its inception until a point 15 years later when he found himself the only scientist on the committee and they would not listen to his arguments concerning chlorine – which they had decided to demonise. They of course went on to demonise among other things, golden rice, and most famously, co2. It is his argument in this talk  that co2 is of benefit to humanity and the life of the planet, rather than a threat. He has issued a challenge to anyone to contradict what he is saying about co2 in the modern world and co2 throughout the history of the Earth.

Go to www.thegwpf.org/patrick-moore-should-we-celebrate-carbon-dioxide/ … but bear in mind he is looking at a Uniformitarian history of the Earth and levels of past co2 may not be as he imagines. Nevertheless, the central message, that co2 is extraordinarily beneficial to life on Earth, stands. If you can prove otherwise, he has provided you with a shop window for your arguments, and everyone will crowd around to see just what a clever fellow you might be. We are on the edge of our seats – show us all the science that says co2 is evil, that the end of the world is nigh.

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