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Taurids amid auroral flow

7 November 2015

  www.spaceweather.com November 7th … I've captured the image but not the video (the burst of light) so go to the link for that. You will also find a nice image of a Taurid meteor moving through the atmosphere with a backdrop of an aurora as a result of a CME that glanced across the northern hemisphere a day earlier than expected. The CME was moving very fast. Don't forget to look up at the sky around midnight – all the fireworks should have finished by then.

Having said that is it not a wonder that fireworks and festivals of light such as Diwali occur right on the button of the Taurid meteor stream. If you want to learn more about this coincidence you might like to read a couple of Moe Mandelkehr's articles in SIS Review (dating back quite a few years now).

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