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a Mars a day …

8 November 2015

At https://tallbloke.wordpress.com/2015/11/06/forget-mars-anomaly-nasa/ … and see also http://phys.org/print365966626.html …. we learn that NASAs MAVEN mission has provided researchers with the data to tell us what caused the planet to transit from a warm and wet environment to a cold and dry one. No surprises then when they conclude it is the solar wind that did it, the deed that is, stripping away the Martian atmosphere. They have even been able to measure the affects of the solar wind on the Martian atmosphere, in normal circumstances and during enhanced situations during big Mars facing CME events – see Science and Geophysical Research (Nov 5th 2015). Mars is described as magnetically poor in comparison with the Earth which is thought to explain why the we still have our atmosphere and the Martian's don't have their atmosphere – apart from thinned air. Interesting but Venus is also described as magnetically poor but it still has a thick and dense atmosphere. Did something else cause the loss of Mars atmosphere – and modern solar wind depletion is just a the after effects?

Lots of Mars stuff out there this week. For instance at http://phys.org/print365929831.html … liquid water on Mars, and http://phys.org/print365937217.html … the aurora of Mars – electrons hitting the thin atmosphere of Mars still create aurora, caused by residual magnetism in the crust. The seems to imply the atmosphere was lost as a result of losing its magnetic defence system.

At http://phys.org/print365936210.html … is about wind and dune formation on Mars.

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