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8 November 2015

This is a reference to a web site that will interest some readers – www.ancient-origins.net … it covers such things as human origins, myth, strange artifacts, history and the unexplained, a bit like SIS, but different. It also has a list of books as recommended to purchase, beg, or to borrow.

At www.ancient-origins.net/news-science-space/carolina-bays-and-destruction… … which is a take on what Michael Davias had to say a couple of years ago, in 'Correlating the Orientation of Carolina Bays to a Cosmic Impact' (2010). It just so happens you could have read all about this at George Howard's site http://cosmictusk.com/davias-confronts-2013-gsa-with-the-carolina-bays/ … and http://cosmictusk.com/shaken-not-stirred-zamora-proposes-ice-impacts-int… … as well as www.cintos.org/SaginawManifold/Saginaw_Bay/index.html

The author, Ralph Ellis, says he was inspired byMichael Davias. However, there is something odd here as they are talking as if the Laurentide ice sheet  still existed at the Younger Dryas boundary. If a shift in the rotational axis had occurred and was responsible for the Late Glacial Maximum ice sheet extent it would surely have melted, or virtually so, between the Oldest and the Younger Dryas events as they were separated by the warm Bolling and Alleroed periods (lasting two or three thousand years but subdivided by a brief cold interlude, the Older Dryas event). It's all a bit confusing but the end of the Pleistocene is assigned to the end of the Younger Dryas period whereas the end of the Ice Age (the Laurentide ice sheet of the LGM) came to an end with the Oldest Dryas event. The Younger Dryas was a thousand plus year cool period associated with a lot of dust in the atmosphere – and was not universally cold. Winters on average were very cold but summers were sometimes quite pleasant. It is best described as a variable period, decades of intense cold weather and decades not so. Clearly something unusual was going on at this time – three Dryas events in quick succession.

Ralph Ellis has written ten books an revisionary biblical history we are told which may interest the chronology revisionists among our readers, and two books on the megalithic monuments of the world – see www.edfu-books.com. This is not an endorsement of his views only the transfer of information in case people wish to follow it further. You can sign up for a regular newsletter at the web site – and the news site seems up to date and bang on target.

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