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lots of teeth

7 December 2015

One for the grandchildren. Lots of teeth. Crocodiles and Dinosaurs (go to http://archaeologynewsnetwork.blogspot.co.uk/2015/12/fossil-hunters-unea…).

  Fossil hunters are a breed apart and get excited over the discovery of shark teeth in limestone rocks. It seems, out in the Sahara, where the rocks can be examined free of vegetation, something more dramatic has been stumbled upon – the remains of crocodiles living in the Jurassic period. It seems some of these crocodiles had long legs – lengthy enough to break into a gallop. As such they were able to chase prey on land and in water and appear to have patrolled the ancient rivers that once occupied North Africa.

how about waking up to that,    or this                            and this is without saying anything about the lashing ability of those tails.

The bone structures suggest they were proficient as swimmers and for making a quick run at an unsuspecting quarry. Modern crocodiles crawl on their bellies but even then can leap forwards surprisingly quickly – and then we have those big crocodiles that swim in the ocean off tropical Australia. You wouldn't want one of them in your swimming pool – or at the seaside.


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