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19 December 2015

Robert Farrar has sent in a link to www.thethirdwayofevolution.com … which he came across as a link from another web site he was looking at. The name of the web site comes from an article written by microbiologist James Shapiro (University of Chicago) in which he proposed an approach to evolutionary science that was neither neo-Darwinist or Creationist, suggesting the mechanism is better at explaining evolution from natural selection. On that basis this site should appeal to members of SIS.

The claim is that the DNA record does not support the idea of gradual mutation as the main source of new and useful variations as we know that many different processes of variation involve well regulated cell action on DNA molecules. The Third Way web site provides a vehicle for new voices to be heard in evolutionary debate, looking at areas glossed over by Neo Darwinists (and the uniformitarian model of the past). The goal is to bring attention on the molecules and cellular processes which produce novelty without divine intervention or by sheer luck.

Evolution is a complex subject and projections of hypotheses should be based on documented empirical rsults and not on theories or beliefs.

There is also a book page with some intriguing titles with abstracts …

'Evolution: a view from the 21st century' James Shapiro

'The Music of Life: Biology beyond the genome' Denis Noble

'Evolution in Four Dimensions: genetic, epigenetic, behavioural and history' Jablonka and Lamb

and so on. An intriguing subject and a field SIS has occasionally published – but could do more.


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