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whaling logs

24 December 2015
Climate change

At http://phys.org/print369459676.html …. maritime historians are getting on the climate change bandwagon by co-operating with climate scientists in order to trawl through US whaling log books that are thought to preserve a unique record of sea ice in the waters of the North Atlantic, North Pacific, the Southern Ocean, and possibly even Arctic and Antarctic waters. They are asking the help of volunteers from the general public as they have so many logs to wade through – and we all know sea ice is disappearing. So they say.

As NOAA is involved one wonders if they will publish them if they show sea ice rises and falls with solar cycles, as many people claim. They might have bitten off a bigger problem than they thought as ship logs are untouchable and can't be manipulated in the way old fashioned temperature gauges have. The Met Office have at their disposal a mass of Royal Navy ship logs which provide lots of data on temperature, weather, and storms etc. They have studiously avoided using any of it even though it is reputedly stored in an accessible basement. Too much work to trawl through the written word I suppose. If it ain't on a computer screen it ain't real – but out of this world. The US whaling logs cover the period from 1756 to 1965.

At http://phys.org/print369481472.html … a study published in the Journal of Marketing Management has an interesting subject – how do people with strong CAGW convictions cope with jetting around the world for their holidays or to meetings and conferences. This must include a lot of NGOs who are at the forefront of the climate change movement. How do they sleep at night if they are that worried doom is over the horizon? One could wrote an answer to that on the back of a postcard I would have thought – or even a single word might be succinct enough.

Over at http://notrickszone.com/2015/12/17/german-wildlife-foundation-calls-for-… … which again is aimed at the so called good guys, the renewables industry. It illustrates just how much of the filthy lucre is there for the taking from duplicitous politicos, offered up on the plate to established wind park owners and newcomers to the racket desperate to get their hands into the pot of gold. Research by the German Wildlife Foundation and the Nature Protection Alliance (as well as the German equivalent of the RSPB) have confirmed at least 40 recent cases of illegal direct action involving birds and wildlife. Nests have been deliberately destroyed as they can affect planning permission in what is being described as a killing spree by countryside vandals. Forests are cut down and replaced with wind machines – and huge slabs of concrete replace the forest floor with all its fungi, insects, plant life, and rotting wood and cones (so even bacteria are being affected). Meanwhile, in the UK the RSPB campaigns against fracking, which is almost invisible (nodding donkeys) but ignores the huge wind farms cropping up all over the country and which decimates birds and bats etc. You may wonder why?

At http://notrickszone.com/2015/12/20/german-scientists-suggest-noaa-nasa-a… … and two scientists are none other than Sebastian Luning and Fritz Vahrenholt, former climate change exponents that have turned to the dark side and embraced a sceptical view. They make a comparison between adjustments of data by NOAA, NASA GISS and the Met Office to doping in sports. A good comparison when you think about it – doctoring the results in order to win (lots of loot). The big problem all of them have is the satellite data with refuses to confirm the climate models. Real time atmospheric research wins hands down against computer simulation.

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