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Otzi and Siberia

18 January 2016

Otzi. A lot of genetic studies have been done on Otzi the ice man (rescued from a melting Alpine glacier) – see http://popular-archaeology.com/issue/winter-2015-2016/article/new-discov… … and it seems the paternal line is still evident in modern populations in different part of Europe but the maternal line has disappeared. Why? See also http://phys.org/print371973198.html


At http://phys.org/print372003139.html … the remains of a mammoth that had been hunted by human predators some 45,— years ago has been dug up in northern Russia. It seems it was stabbed and butchered. It therefore further suggests humans were active in the Arctic zone that long ago – something that was thought surprising. However, the amount of butchering involved is under question – it seems some people might be furthering their own pet theory on the demise of the mammoths (nasty humans with spears pulling down great big beasts built like houses). Over egging is a term you might use – once popular amongst climate scientists. Don't know if they still use the term. Somebody fond of souflettes may have dreamt it up – or even Yorkshire pudding. The findings are published in the journal Science – see www.sciencemag.com/lookup.doi/10.1126


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