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25 February 2016

At http://phys.org/print375437395.html … alathough the subject of this article is environmentalism and scare mongering about rising sea levels and the extinction of animals, we do learn an interesting fact. Zanzibar only became an island roughly 11,000 years ago. Large animals such as zebra, buffalo and water buck were common but when they were cut off from the mainland they died out – or that is the assumption. It is thought rising sea levels were responsible but is that the whole story. It sounds a little trite. Zanzibar is very close to the equator. Does the change in sea level reflect a movement of the equatorial bulge – a realignment of the earth's geoid.

The article is published in PLoS ONE (Feb 2016) DOI:10.1371.journal.pone.0149565 … and the research was done by the University of York.

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