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Phil Silvia

26 April 2016
Inside science

Crowd funding is becoming an important part of research outside the box. Scientists researching mainstream subjects have no trouble being bankrolled but scientists researching less popular subjects are usually frozen out of public funds. Phil Silvia is seeking backers for his research into the destruction of Sodom. The archaeologists think that Tall el-Hammam is Biblical Sodom but the very idea is disputed by others who consider the Sodom story a myth and completely fabrication. The research has the capability to disprove this negative view. If Hammam was destroyed by a fiery conflagration with evidence of a cosmic connection it would go halfway to making the identity of Hammam with Sodom more than wishful thinking and would bring the Bible to life in a very real manner that may actually cause scholars to look at other legendary material in an open manner. Go to www.Experiment.com and in particular to www.Experiment.com/projects/was-the-middle-bronze-age-civilization-north…

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