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The 2300BC event

17 May 2016

Back in October of 2014 there was a conference in Halle in Germany on a sudden climatic event dated to 2200BC which appears to be associated with Marie Agnes Courty's end of Akkadian empire event. She proposed a cosmic airburst or something of that nature might have occurred at that time and has written several papers on the subject, mostly ignored by archaeologists and historians. As a speaker at one of our Cambridge conferences on the Bronze Ages she is well known to older members of the society. It seems that Mike Baillie and Jonny McAneney were invited to present a paper but they did not take up the offer. However, the invitation remained as they were asked to submit an article for the Proceedings of the conference – which were duly published. The full paper is at http://cosmictusk.com/whatapaper-baillie-and-mcaneney-on-bronze-age-clim… … which is well worth reading. However, the subject is even more interesting as instead of concentrating on the 2200BC event (end of Akkad) they plumped to look at the 2350BC low growth tree ring event (which lasted ten years) and can be aligned quite sweetly with the end of Dynastic Sumeria (followed by the overrunning of northern Babylonia by refugees from the west (the Akkadians). From the point of view of SIS our society is mentioned in the notes when Baillie and McAneney discuss the work of Mandelkehr (first published by SIS and later in a book form (Outskirts Press, Denver:2006). They acknowledge that Mandelkehr's collection of evidence from geology, archaeology, and geophysics (as well as separate books on mythology) is important just as that was recognised by the then editors of the SIS journal. Mandelkehr presented a multi disciplinary approach to an event he dated at 2300BC and they suggest it is composed of factors from both a 2350 and a 2200BC event, closely spaced and closely related. In other words, Mandelkehr condensed the two events into a single episode of catastrophism, possibly because it would be harder to sell a double whammy. The archaeology is clear wherever you look in the Levant and Mesopotamia. The end of Early Bronze III in the Levant was closely followed by another round of destruction at end of EBIV. Some towns and cities never recovered after the first round of destruction and survivors reverted to pastoralism.

For entirely different reasons Don Mills posted a link to a Baillie article at www.therealmayanprophecies.com/why-the-maya-calendar-starts-in-3114-bc/ … I have yet to explore this web site but it seems to have been given birth with the hype leading up to the year 2012 and the end of the world as prophesied by the Maya (only they did not prophecy the end of the world. It just so happened 2012 coincided with the end of a baktun, a numerical calculation of unknown purpose. 


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