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Ian Plimer

21 May 2016
Climate change

Tim Cullen is at his very best at https://malagabay.wordpress.com/2016/05/22/ian-plimer-not-for-the-greens/ … and they are most unlikely to look at the link which has two videos of Ian Plimer talking to an audience and raising a laugh. He is an Australian geologist of note, a professor emeritus of earth sciences at the University of Melbourne and a professor of mining geology at the University of Adelaide. His book, 'Not for the Greens' (2014) sets out to use humour to confront the CAGW crowd. This is because he says they are happy to enjoy all the benefits of modern life, founded as it is on mining and fossil fuels, but intellectually attack the science at the root of modern life – which implies a high level of hypocrisy (especially when it is rich luvvies chastising the poor to pull in their belts). Plimer says you can't use rationality or science to argue against the Greens as essentially they believe in a Green religion. Her is not the first person to say such a thing but when you realise the activists and celebrities and politicos so keen on environmental disaster are almost wholly science illiterate (as some people say) one has to wonder if he has a point. In his book he uses as an example of fossil fuel usefulness the stainless steel spoon. This implement (along with stainless steel knives and forks) can be  washed and used again and there is no fear of bacteria. Wooden spoons crack and harbour bacteria and so stainless steel was a major advance in health hygiene. The manufacture of steel requires lots of fossil fuels – which lies at the heart of the problem with the British steel industry at the moment. It is beset by Green taxes that make it unprofitable in comparison with other countries – and we have politicos unwilling to do anything about that. It is just a matter of time before we lose our steel industry – and not long after that the car factories will close down and radiator factories and any company that uses steel in any shape or form will be in danger of going bankrupt. That is the legacy of the Greens – and Plimer sets out his stall to show how wrong the Green Blob is about co2. If you have never looked into the global warming science these two videos are worth watching as Plimer is a scientist of some renown.

The Tim Cullen piece begins with a little mischief, as is his style, bringing up a ruling in Portland (presumably in Oregon) that has the Green Blob behind a move to ban books and internet links to articles and views that are contrary to CAGW. The environmentalists who persuaded the school  board (and the politicos)  say that global warming is a fact and it is unscientific to argue against it – therefore books that do not support CAGW should be rooted out and thrown in the garbage. As the people pushing the directive are not scientists one wonders how this has happened – and neither do they appear to understand the science. Anything written on climate prior to the 1990s hyperventilation on global warming is to be hidden away – or destroyed. Enquiring eyes must not see an alternative view. This is reminiscent of Islam ignoring the history of the Middle East prior to the Prophet. Non-science people are scrabbling to shackle science – when will they fight back and demand an end of scare mongering.

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