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Maya and Venus

5 June 2016

At http://latino.foxnews.com/latino/lifestyle/2016/06/02/ancient-mayan-obse… … researchers in Mexico have discovered a Maya observatory that was aligned to the Sun – and it was also aligned to track the movement of the planet Venus. It dates from between 300 and 600AD, long after claims Venus once had an errant orbit so what other explanation can be garnered. Were they tracking an object that had once behaved a lot like Venus – or were they tracking an object that had an orbit that resembled some parts of the orbit of Venus. The author of the piece says they were interested in the orbit of Venus at its northernmost position in the night sky. One is instantly reminded of the the Babylonian 'Venus Tablets of Ammisaduqa' wherein a cosmic object was being tracked that resembled some of the orbit of Venus but otherwise differed from Venus. It is easy to say that Venus once had a different orbit – and take Velikovsky at face value. However, another explanation may be that the goddess Inanna had nothing to do with Venus. This explains why she did not behave like Venus – was violent as well as benevolent (and so on). What then was Inanna?

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