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Gibber Man

10 June 2016
Climate change

Haven't looked at this blog before but an interesting point of view is expressed – go to https://risk-monger.com/2016/06/08/how-to-starve-africa-ask-the-european… … and begins with the question, why do environmentalists hate Africa (but more correctly the Green Blob as I'm sure not all environmentalists can be tarred with the same brush). These people are of course primarily opposed to genetically modified food and the companies that market the ways and means of growing and spreading them via the sale of seeds. Indeed, the very word Monsanto has become a red rag to the bull of the Green Blob, and the very mention of it can cause some people's pulses to start racing uncontrollably, so much so that gibberish is likely to issue forth from out of their throats. The demonisation of Monsanto has become so intense that logic flies out of the window and useful science is the loser. Greenpeace, for example, opposes Golden Rice, any kind of genetically modified crop, and campaigns against global trade agreements. The agreements have the ability to bring down the price of food in the Third World, and generally are designed to feed a bigger global population. NGOs in general, or those in the West, appear to think they have the right to impose their views on the Third World – a 21st century form of unwelcome interference. Risk Monger goes so far as to call them neo-colonialists – others might call them busy bodies poking their nose into situations where they only make matters worse.

What seems to have drawn the ire of Risk Monger is a vote in the European parliament where MEPs overwhelmingly decided by 577 votes to 24 (with 69 abstentions) to accept the Green Party's Report and endorsed the EU stop funding the G8s 'New Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition' – primarily a case of science denialism that will have massive repercussions on the poorer parts of the world. The New Alliance is a multi stake holder based on commitments and shared strategies to end hunger and halve poverty by 2025, something you might think was commendable. Not so according to the Green Blob. They are against the alliance because it includes industrial companies and they think everyone is entitled to eat organic food with no taint of chemicals. The fact you can't grow enough organic food to feed the world en masse is neither here nor there. Risk Monger wonders if the Greens voted non because they did not want a cheap source of organic food to dry up. That is being cynical – but where  else would they get their organic food if not from poor dirt farmers in Africa and other less wealthy regions of the world.

Meanwhile, at www.yahoo.com/news/scientists-turn-chief-global-warming-gas-harmless-sto… … co2 turned into stone. Pity you could not petrify the Green Blob.

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