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surprising skull

28 June 2016

At http://popular-archaeology.com/issue/summer-2016/article/37-000-year-old… … the surprise being that the person was not related to Australian Aborigines. It has been the consensus view for some time that SE Asia in general was colonised by Australian Aborigine people and these have died out in what is now Indonesia but survived in the south, in Australia and New Guinea (and probably in the Melanesian Islands too). In other words, the population was replaced by newcomers, the inhabitants of Indonesia now (which include farmers). However, the skull from 37,000 years ago was not related to the Aborigines at all (blowing the consensus view out of the water) and instead is a fine example of current stock in Borneo (therefore they have been indigenous to the area for at least 40,000 years or so). The skull was found in the famous Niah Cave in Sarawak back in 1958 and has recently been re-examined with modern technology (see Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution, June 2016). The findings contradict those of anthropologist Don Brothwell (made in 1960).

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