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1 July 2016
Climate change

At http://notrickszone.com/2016/06/29/u-turn-scientists-at-pik-potsdam-inst… … source of the story is the Daily Berliner newspaper. It seems the notorious ultra-warmists at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (source of years and years of scaremongering) are warning the gullible that Europe may be facing a Mini Ice Age due to an upcoming solar minimum. Seems like we are going round in circles.  It's true there is not a lot happening at the moment on the face of the Sun – a decided lack of sunpost activity – but every now and then it bursts into life again. The idea of a solar minimum appears to be over the top. Well over the top. Are these people being artful? The clue is what they add to the basic scare mongering. They claim that as global warming is a fact of life that it will have an effect on the plunge in temperatures by restricting the cold weather to just a teeny bit. It is what you might call a warm bout of cold weather – a minimum of cold.

Now you can take this at face value and assume these people are being honest or you can dig below the surface and ask yourself why would they tell us there was going to be a Mini Ice Age when that is most unlikely in the near future. This is because they know full well that a Mini Ice Age is not going to happen – these are climate scientists that study the climate over the last couple of hundred years and then project that into the future. They know full well there is a 60 year cycle – 30 years of climate dominated by warm El Ninos followed by 30 years of climate dominated by cool La Ninas. El Ninos will still occur, as they did last year, but La Ninas will be more common (and one is brewing in the Pacific right now). In other words we will be back to the kind of weather we had in the 1960s and 1970s – not a Mini Ice Age but a climate that is not as warm as it was in the 1990s and 2000s. A warmer sort of cold.

At http://phys.org/print386433897.html … it seems rising co2 levels may not have caused the climate to warm as much as expected but rising co2 levels have caused the Earth to Green – would you ever. Surely this would be an environmentalists Nirvana – heaven on earth (lots of plant growth beneficial to wild life and crop production).  Doesn't seem to be the happy situation they have connived at achieving – wonder why? Climate sceptics have been known to bellyache – co2 is plant food. Is this view vindicated?

The study, 'Human induced greening of the norther intertropical land surface' in Nature Communications June 2016

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