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Hobbits and Fire

1 July 2016

At http://phys.org/print386437614.html … we return once again to the Hobbits. Anthropologists can't leave them alone. They were just three feet in height. Scientists have now discovered evidence of fire in the heart of the Liang Bua Cave on Flores Island in Indonesia after taking samples of sediments from between the Hobbit remains and the modern era. The suggestion is that modern humans, with camp fires, turned up around 41,000 years ago – but the date is elastic to a certain extent. The study is in the excellent Journal of Archaeological Science (June 2016) and comes somewhat after the date of the Hobbits were revised to around 50,000 years ago (again as a result of samples of sediments taken from the cave floor.

    Lots of ink has been spilt on the Hobbits. The dimunitive size of them has intrigued people no end.

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