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Ozone Hole Healing

4 July 2016
Climate change

A mainstream view of the ozone hole and a report on a study published in the journal Science this week – at http://earthsky.org/earth/antarctic-ozone-shows-signs-of-healing … and at various other MSM outlets and online blogs. Thios is another one for the slap on the back brigade. We did it. We banned CFCs and the ozone hole is healing (closing up to anyone else). No mention of the role solar wind plays at the poles. No mention of a quiet Sun and therefore few CMEs that disperse ozone at the poles. Sometimes you just ….. grr.

I suppose the groups that continue to accept chemicals such as chlorine are responsible for creating a large gole in the ozone layer will continue to look at the problem from that angle – and not look at any other explanations. Was the hole widented recently, for example, but it would have nothing to do with activity on the Sun in the middle of the current solar cycle. Instead, it is blamed on a tame volcano – the perfect scapegoat (even though they admit said volcanoe did not have the necessary chemicals in its arsenal). The point to bear in mind is that there is not a hole as in a real depletion of ozone over the poles but a dispersal of ozone to lower latitudes, which occurs frequently and will do so in the near future, once some powerful solar wind hits the ionosphere. It is ongoing. It doesn't heal..

Even when the hole is said to exist there remains ozone over the poles – it is just that some of it is dispersed to lower latitudes. How much depends on the strength of the plasma bullet. This is the alternative theory to CFCs playing a role. Unfortunately, with this theory nobody can actually slap each other on the back as it recognises the immense power of the Sun as compare with the puny ability of humans to affect the earth system. There are lots of scientists out there monitoring the ozone hole. It is not in their interests to point a finger at the Sun. What would they do if ozone at the poles was purely at the mercy of solar activity. Would they have a well paid job? Mind you, I like the sheer arrogance of it all, the notion that humans are able to have an effect on the atmosphere of the Earth. Pure Orwellian. It is so 'living in a cell phone bubble' one can even feel a trifle sorry for them.

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