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Space Weather

11 July 2016

At www.spaceweather.com (July 10th) we hear that Earth is currently insdie a single speed stream of solar wind flowing from an enormous hole in the atmosphere of the sun.

Last week, on July 7th, radio beams from Jupiter reached the earth, originating from its magnetosphere. It seems that most people, even scientists, are unaware Jupiter's radio beams often sweep across the upper atmosphere of the earth. They are ignited by electrical currents flowing between Jupiter's atmosphere and it volcanic moon Io, we are told (repeating the mainstream mantra). These can be detected by radio antennae on earth especially those of ham radio ethusiasts (now a declining species). Its part of what gives radio reception its snap pop and crackle. Short burst and long bursts can be detected and audio samples sound like woodpeckers (the laughing green woodpecker or the head banging great woodpecker?) we are told, or the sound of whales, even waves crashing on a beach.

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