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Venus again

12 August 2016

Reference the post a couple of days ago on modelling that came up with a habitable Venus some 715 million years ago. Well, the full article was in Scientific American – go wo www.scientificamerican.com/article/hellish-venus-might-have-been-habitab… …. and make of it what you will. The point of the piece is puzzling as we don't know if Venus was ever habitable. It's simply a trick of computer simulation. I suppose the purpose behind the missive might actually be propaganda, in that rising co2 levels, according to the likes of Carl Sagan, were responsible for 'hellish' Venus as it is today. The volcanoes on the planet can thus be ignored by the great and the good. See what happens when you pump lots of co2 into the atmosphere. That is of course a strained theory that does not stand the test of time. Velikovskians still think the heat on Venus is because it is a young planet. Unfortunately, nobody has done the computer modelling on that possibility.

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