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Yellowstone Biggy

14 August 2016

Jovan Kesic has come up trumps again. He provides the link to www.scientificamerican.com/article/yellowstone-s-supervolcano-gets-a-lid/ … simmering beneath the hot springs and geysers it is claimed lurks a dormant volcano.

   Not just any kind of volcano. This one is a biggy – a super volcano. When it blows half of N America will be vapourised (or any other kind of massive doom mongering you might imagine). It's a volcano to scare the wits out of the kids just before bedtime. It is speculated that it involves a Mantle Plume (bringing Mantle material, a sort of hellfire substitute for secular scientists, burbling up from the innards of the Earth and breaking through the crust at weak spots – that just so happen to coincide with those geysers and hot springs). It is one of those theories that have become accepted by mainstream consensus – but whether mantle plumes exist or not is neither here nor there. It provides an exciting geological story. People are attracted to the idea like wasps to a jam jar. Well, now the modellers have been at work and their simulation has created a problem – a lid on the volcano formed by massive chunks of rock subducting under Yellowstone. It's amazing but they seem to take these computer simulations seriously – as if it is a real problem rather than a computer generated problem (which might be all pie in the sky).

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