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11 October 2016

There is a new web site out there – www.cometresearchgroup.org dedicated to neo-catastrophism and the idea of comets and their offspring, meteor showers, playing a role in human history. It is at the moment in its infancy but you can sign up for email updates. The idea is to advertise to the wider world the Younger Dryas Boundary event research – and for added measure, the idea of an atmospheric explosion of a meteor destroying Tall al_Hammam (and its satellite settlements) in the Midde Bronze Age. Hammam is located in what is known as the Kikkar, the circular plain at the head of the Dead Sea (and a possible contender for Biblical Sodom) … (or an event that was used by later Biblical writers for their own reasons).

Whilst on the same subject, over at http://cosmictusk.com/a-general-chronological-history-of-the-air-weather… there is a downloadable section of Short's 'comets and meteors' historical text (for anyone that has never got round to looking at it elsewhere). Short has of course been criticised for being gullible in recording such things, and as a point of critique so have the dates he has laid out (as it is in a chronological time chart of sorts). However, this is like knocking a bit of icing off the corner of the cake as the dates, in themselves, are not what is interesting, but what is inside the cake. In the time Short was writing, and he clearly had even older texts at his disposal, dates were accepted largely without question – there were no academic parameters about historical records. 

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