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They are after your sunday dinner

4 November 2016
Climate change

At http://phys.org/news/2016-11-climate-low-hanging-fruit-ripe.html …. the traditional roast beef or lamb dinner is under threat – by hedge fund managers and CAGW alarmists. They have targeted fridge gases again, or HFCs, which also affects air conditioning units too. Is this a direct attack on one of life's luxuries (enabling us to keep food safe and cool) or is there something more mundane behind it. In other words, is the patent on HFCs too broad. Has some clever company got a new patent on which it wants to make a killing? This is what happened last time. Is history repeating itself?

Black carbon is on the list too and cast as bad as it induces global warming when it lands on snow – an old doom saying that has been debunked in the past and not worth resurrecting here. It is methane however that they choose as the really bad boy (and you have to laugh as methane is dissipated fairly quickly and does not represent a long term threat). One source of methane they claim, is shale gas. Well I never, just as the West is on the verge of reaping some rewards from low co2 shale gas they move the goal posts. Shale gas produces lots of methane. Methane is worse than co2. Glory be – do they get down on the hands and knees as well. Global livestock numbers are then added to the stew – raising the ante like a sharp drawing in of breath. Cow and sheep farts produce too much methane – even more than shale gas. The reason for this of course is that livestock are kept all around the world and for the moment it is only the US that is doing the shale gas stuff. Wait until the rest of the world catch up (but that is a future doom saying yet to come). Switching from beef and lamb to chicken and pork is said to reduce methane – but just a bit. Ugh – all that salmonella. Perhaps the idea is to kill off most of the world's population – but how you might get all those people eating pork sausages or chicken wings I don't know. Anyway, that is just a wind up to the main menu. Getting people to stop eating beef is the main message. It is now official policy of the Green Blob – they don't hide it in the small print anymore.

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