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Mont Blanc

7 November 2016
Climate change

The white mountain, Mont Blanc (topped with white blancmange) has become a new front in the war against CAGW doomsayings – and big money manoeuvres in the background. At http://notrickszone.com/2016/11/05/mont-blanc-glacier-history-clearly-sh… … which will irritate the virtue signalling global warming troops. It is more than likely they will never know about this little fact – as they prefer the propagandistic news channels as it gives them comfort in their beliefs (even if those news channels are bought and paid for by the big money manoeuvring). November the 5th is Guy Fawkes Day and this really should be a firework up the CAGW gobbledegook – but it will develop into the usual damp squib (buried out of sight and mind). Such is the so called age of endless streams of knowledge – which mostly pass us all by. An expedition by three scientists up to the high reaches of Mont Blanc, to investigate the glacier, purportedly shrinking as a result of modern global rising temperatures, has found the glacier retreated at least as much during the medieval period as it has in recent years – even more so if some of the evidence remains under the current extent of the glacier. A small town near modern Chamonix was overwhelmed by a growing sea of ice as late as 1643 – and the glacier remained intact, if not still growing, as late as 1860. Since then the glacier has been receding (out of the Little Ice Age which peaked in the 1640s) and the overwhelmed village is there for all to see and explore, a miracle of glacier growth and retreat. You may note that the mean temperature in 1850 (a cold blip) is often used as the zero base year for measuring so called global warming. Facts speak bigger than words – but only if your brain is receptive. 

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