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Big One

1 January 2017

At http://nypost.com/2016/12/29/massive-anomaly-lurks-beneath-ice-in-antarc… … this is the Big One – in more ways than one. It comes just as the Thunderbolts people are telling us craters have origins in electrical phenomena, even the one at Chicxulub that is supposed to have killed off the dinosaurs. A large and mysterious anomaly is hiding beneath the frozen waste of Wilks Land in Antarctica. It is 151 miles across – and has a minimum depth of 2700 feet. Some scientists are thinking in terms of a giant asteroid crater – twice the size of Chicxulub. They are thinking in terms of it as a suspect for the Permian-Triassic boundary event which is said to have involved the death of 96 per cent of the world's marine creatures and 70 per cent of vertebrae organisms on land. The Wilks Land gravity anomaly was first discovered in 2006, following on from NASA satellites spotting gravitation changes indicating the presence of a large object. Is it a 300 mile wide impact crater? Some internet sites have been delving in a bit of fantasy thinking and have suggested it is an alien hidey hole – built under the ice in order to disguise its presence. If it turns out to be the Big One catastrophism will again become fashionable for a while. Fancy that, an impact was responsible for the end of Permian mass die off. The Younger Dryas boundary event is piffling in contrast – and the end of Bronze Age theory even more minor in comparison to the Big One. Have a wonderful New Year.

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