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Ocean Acidification

1 January 2017
Climate change

It is thought ocean acidification might become the next doom mongering scare story if CAGW is 'Trumped' in the coming months. It might be useful to learn something about it and going to http://notrickszone.com/2016/2/29/the-ocean-acidification-narrative-coll… … for example a paper by Weil et al (2015) published in the Journal of Geophysical Research looks at ocean acidification and contradicts much of the doom mongering song sheet. It is no surprise to learn that computer simulation and modelling exercises are behind the idea of the oceans becoming more acid. In reality we know that marine volcanoes and massive amounts of carbon are released at deep sea vents and there is no likelihood in the natural world of the ocean acidifying to any great degree – and that is without taking into consideration claims that the oceans lock up co2. It seems that even with modelling all they can come up with is 0.1 change to the acid side since the beginning of the industrial era – once again a very short 150 year graph that is meaningless in the context of geological time scales or solar system cycles. Ocean acidification scare stories come across as desperation by climate scientists eager to keep the gravy train rolling. The authors of the article even say  that the figure produced out of the hat is subject to potentially large errors in measurement. They even admit it is nonsense.

Other scientists have found a small rise in acidification has resulted in no trace of an effect on ocean dwelling life. This either means there was no rise in acidification that was not in natural parameters or marine life is already adjusted to higher acidification levels and will not be affected by the proposed catastrophic change in sea water (either higher co2 or proposed pH levels). Thirdly, it has been established by researchers that corals adapt to adjustments in co2 in the oceans and to temperatures getting warmer. Corals don't like colder water – but thrive in tropical seas. The long term survival of corals is not under threat from CAGW – but did your preferred media outlet tell you that?

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