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cold water and cold fusion

8 January 2017

This story comes from www.scientificamerican.com/article/cold-fusion-lives-experiments-create-… … which is a source hardly likely to be full on keen on cold fusion. It was dismissed as junk science some years ago and one can see why some science journals might like to stand on the neck of anything that attempts to resurrect the theory. This story is courtesy of one Howard J Wilk, an unemployed chemist that has been researching the ideas of another chemist, Randall L Mills, and his claim that he can harness Brilliant Light Power (a new energy remarkably similar to cold fusion). Wilk can't be sure if Mills is a genius or a delusional. In other words, there are legs to Brilliant Light Power (but they are yet to come home with the beans). Or spill the beans perhaps. Interesting read. 

PS … see the video of the talk by Tony Haynes at the Spring 2012 meeting on this web site – www.sis-group.org.uk/2012-05–5/2012-spring-meeting.htm

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