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Green Hypocrisy

18 January 2017
Climate change

I don't really need to say anything on this one as the action is so blatant – a manipulation of regulation to allow Green business to make a small fortune (and at the same time subsidise Green NGOs at the expense of wildlife and nature). The environmental movement has indeed split into factions. One group, the minority, put wildlife first. The second group put making money first. The story is at http://notrickszone.com/2017/01/18/german-greens-move-to-water-down-natu… … and the question the ordinary Joe might ask, are the environmentalists committing popular suicide? It's almost unbelievable – environmentalists ganging up to clear virgin forest and destroy wildlife habitat on a monumental scale. The sheer folly of it all is that the German grid cannot cope with anymore wind turbines – they have wedges of them on land and in the sea that are not connected to the grid and are just subsidy scams. Why would environmentalists support more of them when electricity prices are already exorbitant? The answer is the loot. Lots of it – at the expense of ordinary Germans. Green NGOs are a direct beneficiary of this loot – and they value loot more than they value wildlife. It's all quite simple – bribery corrupts (and the Green Blob is no different to a lorry driver pocketing a couple of hundred quids to smuggle an economic refugee across the border). It all comes down to human nature – and greed comes in green shades as much as it does in blue blooded versions. 

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