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Lopsided Heads

25 January 2017
Climate change

Some upside down thinking at Scientific American – the result of a CAGW driven editorial agenda. Why is China dominating the global manufacture of solar panels? See https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/why-china-is-dominating-the-s… … which concludes the Chinese are good guys and are coming round to the CAGW point of view – in spite of the fact they are still building large numbers of coal fired power stations. It all sounds a bit like their adherence to the ozone hole a few years ago. Western politicos were persuaded by lopsided enviros to pay a price for people around the world to destroy the evil fridge gases. In that instance the Chinese found it so profitable some of them manufactured the gases in order to destroy them and gain even greater amounts of monies. They wouldn't be subsidising the manufacture of solar panels to take advantage of the crazy people in N America and Europe with their green doom saying agenda now would they? Meanwhile, King Coal dominates Chinese power production and no doubt they will be ready and waiting for the next great scare mongering from a fragile hand waving enviro dominated agenda in the developed world. They have been on to something good with solar panels – millions of them have been produced. Some of them are so substandard they only last a few years and have to be replaced. The Chinese are astute business minded people and they saw an opening and seized it with both hands. I visited Windsor the other day after a long walk from Boveney Lock (had a look round before walking back to Boveney via the Brocas fields in Eton) and it is funny watching Chinese tourists buying Chinese made souvenirs to take back to China. I suppose it was the same when we used to be major manufacturers, buying Victorian gaffe on a visit to Greece or the south of France. Funny old world.

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