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Carl Sagan

26 January 2017
Inside science

Carl Sagan didn't always get an enthusiastic hearing in Velikovskian circles as he was prepared to publicly criticise some of his ideas. However, he didn't dismiss them in a pompous manner, or one of contempt. Neither was he particularly the bogey man he was depicted by some people. Having  had a sneaking regard for Sagan, but not necessarily for his showmanship, I found it intriguing that a video of him speaking to meeting back in 1995 has surfaced, and he seems to have prophesied much of what has occurred in the intervening 20+ years – inside science and inside the communication bubbles that have developed via social media., It is well worth a watch – if only in snatches if you are busy. Go to www.dailygalaxy.com/my_weblog/2017/01/carl-sagans-demon-haunted-world-pr… … He predicts the disappearance of manufacturing industry, the rise of new technology in the hands of very few people, and no one representing the interests of Joe Public, or the average man in the street – so much so the control of the media in a small section of society makes it is impossible for anyone to accurately grasp the issues at hand. 

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