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plasma behaviour

30 January 2017

At www.thunderbolts.info/wp/2017/01/27/at-any-scale/ … we have further clarification on plasma behaviour which is useful as we lead up to our speaker meeting in April which will be addressed by Bob Johnson. This time the issue is the so called 'fast radio bursts' – fast release of energy that lasts just a few milliseconds. Obviously, this was an unknown until the advent of recent instruments. Blink and you would miss them.

It is the release of energy that is puzzling, more than the sun releases in the course of a month is ejected in a millisecond snatch of time. It has been suggested these brief bursts come from dying black holes – a final gasp (like the signing off noise from skype but more rapid and powerful). There was one recently, from what is described as a small galaxy 3 billion light years away. This has rapidly become a problem for cosmologists as it is so far away, lasted for the blink of an eye, and had the energy of many supernovae explosions. Black holes have naturally been the target for explanations. However, radio noises and high energy emissions are often associated with lightning bolts. Are these radio bursts really just flashes of cosmic lightning?

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