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Microbes in Space

31 January 2017

Gary sent in this link (aliens in the comments so beware). At www.seeker.com/atmosphere-microbes-microorganisms-balloon-life-venus-ext… … we have a report on an experiment by students from the University of Houston. They are going to release high altitude balloons in the upper atmosphere fitted with a devilish device. This will open as the balloons reach a high enough point in the atmosphere and close on the descent. The hope is to avoid contamination of samples. They intend to reach altitudes of 18km to 50km (11 to 31 miles in old money). 

The quest is to discover what microbes may be living in the upper atmosphere and if they originate on earth or in space. This is similar to the upcoming mission to Venus which intends to sample its dense clouds. The object there will be to look for signs of past life on the planet – or life from space that has ended up in its pea soup like atmosphere. See also www.seeker.com/does-alien-life-thrive-in-venus-mysterious-clouds-1767520… … and with a title like that you can see how it attracts the lizards in human disguise.

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