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Fake News Again

9 February 2017

Also at the fake new Daily Mail we have another interesting story – go to www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-4201396/Were-WAVES-blame-great-d… … which picks up on a story repeated at many places on the Internet. Research shows that the Great Dying mass extinction event 252 million years ago involved what they call shoaling – the turning over of the oceans, ripping up poisonous chemicals in the process from the sea floor.It was these potent gases that was responsible for the loss of 90 per cent of life on earth. Wow. That is sticking your neck out. Looking at it outside the prism of uniformitarianism all we need to take from the research is that they have found evidence of an oceanic upheaval. Neo-catastrophists might then wonder if this is actually evidence of pole movement – and a complete sweep up of oceanic water as the earth's geoid struggled to realign itself with the new position of the poles. The research, it may be noted, does not explain the causes behind what they call shoaling, apart from it generated huge waves (see the final paragraph). The possibility the causes contributed to the mass die-out is not addressed, and that the die-out affected life on land as well. They are only reporting what they found – and this they name shoaling. It would seem the Daily Mail journalist is a couple of stops ahead of the researchers – and the fake news people at Wikipedia.

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