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Landslide Corals

9 February 2017

At https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2017/feb/08/massive-ancient-unde… … and here we have another fake news media outlet, and surely so as they are leaders in exaggerating the effects of CAGW and actually publicly brag about it at the same time (or at least their former editor was proud of faking the news). Thankfully, in this story the fake news is not obvious as it concerns geology and a massive landslide that purportedly took place over 300,000 years ago. Large blocks were dislodged in the process and these have been found scattered at depths up to 1350m, some 30km away from the remains of the landslide. The blocks were like hills strewn across a flat sea floor, one of which was 100m high and 3km in length. The date is derived from fossil corals on one of the blocks – and the researchers also found evidence of cold water corals (off the northern Queensland coast). It looks very much like a lump has been torn off the continental shelf system – see below.


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