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Epic Wave

11 March 2017

The epic wave is greater by far than the rogue wave (see yesterday), by many orders of magnitude. At the southern end of Madagascar (Malagasy) lie four enormous wedge shaped sediment deposits known as chevrons. They are composed of material dredged up from the ocean floor and each of them is twice the size of Manhattan island. The sediment is as deep as the Chrysler Building (in Manhattan) is tall. The chevrons contain deep ocean microfossils – and various metals that are thought to be associated with cosmic impacts. All of them point towards the middle of the Indian Ocean – and a newly discovered crater, 18 miles in diameter and 12,500 feet below the surface. It seems like a piece of a comet or a small asteroid may have hit the earth – in the Indian Ocean. The epic waves was a tsunami event of epic proportions, dwarfing the Boxing Day tsunami in Indonesia. The crater, it is alleged and for reasons left unsaid, was formed around 2800BC – see http://www.nytimes.com/2006/11/14/science/14WAVE.html

   … The epic wave, it is estimated, came in at 600 feet high. The research, involving Ted Bryant, was posted by the Holocene Impact Working Group. Bryant was a tsunami researcher, better known for a crater found off the coast of Australia. Haven't heard of him lately and this is an old story. Large tsunamis of 30 feet high can be generated by volcanoes, earthquakes and landslides but mega tsunamis cannot be explained by such everyday occurrences.

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