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Potent Coronal Hole

26 March 2017

At www.spaceweather.com (March 25th) we are told a potent coronal hole is facing the earth and sending out a stream of solar wind that will arrive on March 25th and last for a few days. We may not have had many sun spots recently, a veritable dearth of them in fact, but coronal holes are something different. It is spewing out a flowing stream towards our neck of the woods, as seen by NASAs Solar Dynamics Observatory, which provided photographs of the event horizon. How will it effect Earth's climate system? A week of warm weather perhaps – or if the jet stream moves the wrong way in its snake like trek around the northern hemisphere we could get the opposite – lots or rain, even some cool weather. Keep your bonnets on.  What it means for down under is something similar. Climate changes. All the time.

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