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Teleocrater Rhadinus

13 April 2017

Teleocrater rhadinus is the name of a critical animal that lived during an important transition – from reptile to dinosaur (and eventually birds). It is a cousin of the dinosaurs, yet has many reptilian traits. Therefore it has been positioned on the tree of evolutionary development at an early stage – prior to the dinosaurs proper. There is of course one reason for this – it lived in the Triassic (before the dinosaur age took off). In positioning in late Triassic it provides a mechanism for evolutionary development. This is particularly relevant in neo-catastrophist evolution. The end of Triassic event was far reaching and survivors very quickly had to adapt to newly opened niches in the environment (and dinosaurs were able to take advantage of those niche positions). 

See https://phys.org/print411211163.html

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